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Fuflo is a free Chrome plugin for YouTube which fast forwards integrated ads, such as product placements, sponsorships, and endorsements.

Neither YouTube Premium, nor ANY ad blocker can block these ads, because these were rendered by the video creator inside the video.

While nothing is able to block them for obvious reasons, you still can fast forward them. And this is what the majority of us actually does. And this is what Fuflo does for you automatically!

Install Fuflo

Get Fuflo from Google market

What Fuflo can fast forward

Basically, Fuflo will fast forward parts of the video that have been fast forwarded by the majority of viewers. 

Native ad integrations – product placements, sponsorships, and endorsements.

Intros / outros – boring or very long intros.

Boring parts – parts of the video that have been skipped by the majority of viewers.

Fuflo won’t fast forward

Fuflo will not fast forward usual ads that can be easily removed by YouTube Premium or AdBlockPlus.

How it works

Every time a viewer skips some fragment, Fuflo remembers the timing of the skipped fragment. Each skip adds precision to skipped fragment and when it reaches some point, the plugin will fast forward it for all new viewers. This is it.

So, the more Fuflo users watched the video you are going to watch now, the more chances that you’ll see it without ads.

Fuflo has three work modes

Auto. Instant jump

Plugin will instantly jump to the end of an ad, even if it was 10 minutes long. 

Auto. 5 sec jumps (default)

Plugin will fast forward 5-second fragments one by one. This will give you a picture of what it actually fast forwards for you. You can stop it anytime.


At the beginning of each ad, Fuflo will show a small hint. You can decide yourself whether to fast forward that part or not.

Help us

More people we have, the faster Fuflo will learn what to skip on newly published videos. 

This will result in much more saved time for yourself, because you can’t be the very first person to watch every new video. This means when you’ll start your next video, Fuflo will be ready to fast forward ads for you.

Our plugin is free, so please share Fuflo in your social networks to help others help you.


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